The Trump administration added to its greatest hits of spelling mistakes this week, sending members of Congress tickets to tonight's "State of the Uniom."

It's still a "Union" — as of this afternoon, anyway.

Capitol Police officers made the rounds of Congressional offices on Monday, distributing typo-free tickets, while lawmakers distributed mockery of the mistake on Twitter.

The House Sergeant at Arms office is responsible for printing the tickets. “It was corrected immediately, and our office is redistributing the tickets,” a spokesman for the sergeant at arms told Agence France-Presse.

Trump has a long and evocative history of spelling and grammar mistakes on Twitter. He has tweeted about an "unpresidented" Chinese seizure of a Navy drone; accused former President Obama of daring to "tapp" his phones; misspelled Theresa May and Jon Huntsman's names; transposed "hereby" and "here by," and kicked off his presidency by tweeting that he was "honered to serve" the day after his inauguration.

And of course, there was "covfefe."

The issue seems to be shared by, or to have spread to, members of his administration, which have been called out for goofs repeatedly. Last February, the administration distributed a list of "under-reported" terror attacks with the word "attacker" repeatedly misspelled. An official White House statement in January said Trump planned to visit Israel to "promote the possibility of lasting peach." And Trump's official inauguration poster included a line that read "No dream is too big, no challenge is to great."

In a February 2017 tweet, the Department of Education misspelled W.E.B. Du Bois’s name as "W.E.B. DeBois" — then followed it up with "our deepest apologizes." Two months later, the White House’s official Snapchat account called Betsy DeVos the “Secretary of Educatuon."

It led to perhaps yesterday's sickest burn:

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