Trump U.K. visit
Trump steps off Air Force One, April 22, 2018. Photo: Getty Images

President Trump is finally going to London after postponing the trip twice. The White House announced Thursday that the Trump U.K. visit is scheduled for July 13th, aka Friday the 13th.

This will reportedly be a "working visit" with Prime Minister Theresa May, though full details haven’t been disclosed yet. May's Downing Street office confirmed the news, and British Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch posted the following on Twitter:

Will the queen be included in this Trump U.K. visit?

As of now, it’s not 100 percent certain that Trump will meet with the queen. TIME reports that it won't be happening, while BBC says it is "likely" to happen — and that if they do meet, it will either be at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.


The Guardian, however, reports the two are scheduled to see each other. 

Wasn't the Trump U.K. visit supposed to happen already?

Yes. Trump was supposed to meet the queen in October 2017, but Londoners were quick to protest. A petition to boycott Trump from making an official state visit garnered 1.5 million-plus signatures.

"Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen," it stated.

In January, Trump canceled another London visit.

Though it’s unclear whether or not Trump will be meeting Her Majesty, The Guardian reports that the July 13th trip will not be an official state visit for the books. This means he will not be welcomed in the queen’s gold-plated carriage like he'd requested upon his scheduled — then postponed — October trip. He also reportedly won’t be honored with an "official banquet" at Buckingham Palace.

Trump U.K. visit

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, tweeted on Thursday, "If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear. He will also no doubt see that Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear."

According to The Guardian, human rights groups are already vowing to protest against the upcoming Trump U.K. visit.

"Since moving into the White House, Mr. Trump has shown an impatience bordering on intolerance toward peaceful protests, the media and even the democratic process itself," Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International UK, said in a statement. "So his visit to Britain will be an important opportunity to underline the importance of free speech and the right to protest."

The spooky Trump U.K. visit: Friday the 13th

Superstitious Twitter users posted about the unlucky date:

Will the visit play out like it's supposed to? Time will only tell.

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