Trump umbrella
Photo: Getty Images

President Trump continued to rack up the PR points this week, as he was photographed seeming to hog an umbrella from his wife, Melania, and son Barron as they boarded Air Force One on Monday.

The trio was pictured ascending the staircase to the jet in West Palm Beach. Trump has centered himself under a large black umbrella, leaving his traveling companions to the elements, in this case rain and heavy wind. He wasn't pictured as much as extending the umbrella in the first lady's direction as a gale whipped her hair about.

"Chivalry is dead as a doornail," proclaimed TMZ.

"Presidential Jerk?" queried The Grio.


"Trump protects his hair with giant umbrella," proclaimed the Newsweek headline.

Twitter wasn't pleased with the optics.

Tweeted Twitter user @SonnyInScotland: “Just seen @realDonaldTrump getting on his plane holding an umbrella for himself while his son and wife get soaked in the rain. says it all about him! #selfishTrump."

"Me me me," tutted @OldRawgabbit.

Trump's coiffure may indeed have been his concern, as the new book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" revealed that it's quite the production. Author Michael Wolff alleges that first daughter Ivanka has said it's the result of expensive surgery and aggressive maintenance: “She often described the mechanics behind it to friends: an absolutely clean pate—a contained island after scalp-reduction surgery—surrounded by a furry circle of hair around the sides and front, from which all ends are drawn up to meet in the center and then swept back and secured by a stiffening spray,” the book says.

In any event, this isn't the first time Trump has been criticized for his lack of gallantry vis-a-vis the first lady. On Inauguration Day, social media lit up when Trump bounded out of his car once it reached the White House, leaving Melania to trail behind, instead of holding the door for his wife, as former President Obama had done for first lady Michelle Obama.

It's the little things. When you conduct your presidency on Twitter, anyway.