Trump Witches Binding Ceremony

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed a self-described witch on his show on Tuesday night, to ask about binding spells she and other witches had placed on President Trump, and the whole thing went slightly off the rails.


"President Trump doesn't do what people expect him to do. Is he being unpredictable?" Carlson declared at the beginning of the segment, "Or could there be another cause — perhaps a magical one?"


Carlson then asked his guest Amanda Yates Garcia — a witch, tarot-card reader, energy healer, "shamanic practitioner" and "magical life coach" who has, appropriately, dubbed herself the “Oracle of Los Angeles”— about the spell she and other witches had cast on Trump to prevent him from harming others.


"I desire that Trump stop harming people that I care about and instituting policies that also harm me," Garcia said.


Carlson followed up by asking if eye of newt was an actual ingredient.



"I think the real problem is not whether or not eye of newt is an actual ingredient,” Garcia replied “The real problem is we’re about to have some kind of big nuclear extravaganza with North Korea. The real problem is that we’re punishing immigrant children. The real problem is that we’re causing students to go into deep debt. I don’t think the real problem is whether or not we use eye of newt.”

“I’m not suggesting it’s a problem,” Carlson said. “I’m with you on the student debt, by the way. But Carlson didn't want to let go of his original line of questioning. "Is eye of newt an actual thing or not?” he insisted.

“Eye of newt? Isn’t that from Shakespeare?” she said. “I think he was probably using a bit of poetic license.”

Ever the conservative, Carlson asked if there were any federal regulations on casting spells.

Garcia, who had clearly prepared for the interview, replied that a spell is simply a symbolic action with meaning, and those are rife in government. "Why would people care whether people saluted the flag or sang the national anthem?" she said, as Fox News's CGI flag flapped behind her. "That's also symbolic action, and symbolic action has power."