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It may be President Trump's 72nd birthday on June 14, but his digital staff has given the American public a gift.

You can send Trump a birthday message on either his campaign website or the Republican Party's site — and it's free response. You can write whatever you want.

Write something in the online Trump birthday card

Have a few things on your mind? No problem. The form on the "Official birthday card for President Trump" on is limited to 80 characters, but the card on the GOP's site has no word limit.

Chrissy Teigen, the "Lip Sync Battle" judge and prolific celebrity tweeter/Trump critic, was right on top of the news, tweeting her followers: “Hey guys, let’s put the jokes aside and all come together to send president trump some birthday messages on this official card where you can write anything u want, all your thoughts and feelings absolutely anything anything for this special day."


Teigen added: “Just know this is his official birthday card so make sure it’s from the heart! Happy Birthday, champ.”

Her followers obliged. “You look like a haunted toilet made of butter," wrote one.

“You are the worst f—ing person alive or dead,” tweeted another. “I’d rather you be the latter.”

That's about par for the course. Teigen's tweet got almost 7,000 comments in the first 24 hours.

This is the second eyebrow-raising digital birthday incident for Trump, whose Make America Great Again committee emailed supporters a similar card for first lady Melania Trump in late April. In the message, Trump referred to the first lady as his "better half" and "rock and foundation" but didn't use the word "love," which struck some as strange.

Compounding matters, Trump referred to his wife as "Melanie" on Twitter less than a month later.

All eyes will be on the first lady's Twitter account on June 14. Birthday messages are being accepted by the Trump site until midnight that day.

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