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Prince Harry’s friend says engagement with Meghan Markle is on

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Another day, another tiny little morsel about the maybe future marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And this time, it’s personal.

Well, when I say personal, I just mean that someone close to Harry is dropping hints like they’re hot. The Daily Star — I know, right? — reports that former US marine Kirstie Ennis, who has been old friends with Harry for five years, confirmed she’s expecting a royal wedding between Harry and Markle. Sure!

Ennis, who according to the site, “met Harry at a Walking with the Wounded charity event after losing her leg” has remained BFFs with the prince, and she gave a major (major!) admission. When asked if she expects Harry to pop the question soon, she nodded. She nodded! Stop the damn presses because a woman nodded her head.

She also admitted that she’s more concerned about the after party than the actual wedding because Harry and his boys are wild, or whatever. When pushed further, she said, “I am pleading the fifth,” which, it’s a little late for that Ennis!

Honestly, if these two could just go ahead and actually get engaged, I would really appreciate it. Like, I know Prince Harry an Meghan Markle aren’t thinking about me, exactly? But I would super appreciate it. 

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