Priority team for suburbs - Metro US

Priority team for suburbs

Municipal Relations Minister Ramona Jennex announced the formation of a “Suburban Priorities Team” for HRM on Thursday.

The SPT is comprised of five members of the NDP backbench from suburban areas — Matt Whynott, Becky Kent, Dave Wilson, Sid Prest, and Michelle Raymond. As the name implies, the team’s mandate is to address priorities brought forward by suburbanites.

Jennex said the SPT will not require any additional resources.

“There’s no cost to this,” Jennex told reporters. “We’re just providing the space for them to meet.”

But Liberal MLA Andrew Younger doesn’t buy that the SPT has will have no associated costs.

“There’s always a cost, there’s nothing that government does that doesn’t have a cost,” he said. “We shouldn’t believe that something can be done for free.”

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