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Prisoner documents his escape with selfies

Brayan Bremer, one of more than 180 prisoners who escaped froma Brazilian facility during a riot, decided to capture his moments of freedom and share them on social media.

This weekend more than 180 prisoners escaped from two jails in the city of Manaus, located in northern Brazil. Some have already been recaptured, but others are still on the run. One of them is Brayan Bremer Quintelo Mota, who is serving a sentence for robbery. The young man gained theattention of social media users by posting selfies on Facebook, bragging of his escape.

“We are all dirty, but what matters isfreedom,” one of his posts says.

Shortly after the fugitive published another message: “I’m coming. Single women, watch out.”

War between cartels caused riot in Brazilian prisons

On the afternoon of Sunday, Jan. 1, Brayan Bremer escaped from a prisonnear the city of Manaus with 72 others. Just hours later, 112 prisoners broke out of the Anisio Jobim jail nearby. A riot there left 56 prisoners dead —many of them were beheaded.

According to reports, a war between members of the local cartels named “The Northern Family (Familia Do Norte)” and the “First Command of the Capital (Primer Comando de la Capital) of São Paulo” has caused the riot. Preliminary investigations have confirmed that FDN wanted to send a message to PCC.

“There were deaths only on one side. The FDN massacred members of the PCC. They were unmatched,” Sergio Montes, Secretary of Public Security of the state said.

After the massacre, Brazil’s justice minister assured that special measures will be taken to prevent such incidents in the future. For example, The Northern Family leaders will be transferred to prisons controlled by the government.

-Miguel Velásquez