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Priyanka Chopra is going from Bollywood to Quantico

Eric Liebowitz, ABC

If you haven’t heard of Priyanka Chopra, you’re in the minority, globally. While the actress might be unfamiliar to American audiences, she’s a hugely successful Bollywood star, and she had that little single with Pitbull (“Exotic”) in 2013.

But she’s about to become a lot more familiar. The 33-year-old is starring in ABC’s new show “Quantico,” about a team of FBI recruits. The show jumps back and forth between the group training together and the aftermath of a terrorist attack one of them may have masterminded. Chopra’s Alex Parrish finds herself caught in the middle of it when she’s suspected of being the perpetrator.

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“I’m definitely becoming more bad-ass. If I get into an alley fight, I’ll probably survive,” jokes the actress about all the training she’s had to take part in all the action sequences her character goes through.

The show’s producers were so focused on making what Alex goes through realistic, they brought in some consultants who had actually worked with the FBI.

“I think what was most surprising to me was, whenever you think of agents in the FBI, you think of people with guns with these insane lives. But speaking to the consultants, I realized it was so human. They get so affected with the cases,” Chopra says. “One was saying how affected he got with children’s cases and mindless terrorism, when there’s no reason for something bad to happen and evil does really exist. That really moved me.”

As far as who actually committed the crime in “Quantico”?

“I’ve told the writers not to tell me who the terrorist is because I don’t want to know,” says Chopra. “It keeps me really fresh. Because it’s through Alex’s eyes they’re going to [find out].”

Bollywood vs. TV

“I think art everywhere is the same,” she says. “Part of that difference comes from playing one character over a long period of time rather than switching out.It’s a really different experience to stay with one character.”

But the workload is definitely different. “I’ve only done features where it’s one scene in two days and it’s languid. Here it’s like nine scenes in one day! It’s pretty crazy.”

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