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Pro-Dippin’ Dots website declares cold war on White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer


Much like his new employer, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a history of Twitter feuds — well at least one involving the beaded ice cream brand Dippin’ Dots, frequently sold in vending machines and ballparks.

Spicer turned cold towards Dippin’ Dots in 2010 with a tweet taking umbrage with their slogan “Ice cream of the future.” Throughout the years he repeated his attacks: “I think I have said this before but Dippin Dots are not the ice cream of the future,” he tweeted on Sept. 22, 2011.

The feud hit national headlines this week, culminating in anopen letter from Dippin’ DotsCEO Scott Fischeron Monday, extending an olive branch to Spicer.

“We’ve seen your tweets and would like to be friends rather than foes. After all, we believe in connecting the dots,” the letter reads. It goes on to offer an ice cream party at the White House, and aligns political interests in creating jobs.

Anti-Trump administration activists seized on the opportunity, setting up a webpage from whichyou cansend Spicer a shipment of Dippin’ Dots for $6.

A subsequent tweet in 2015 seemed to imply that Spicer might have given the dots another shot, but was apparently disappointed when he couldn’t get his favorite flavor.

“If Dippin Dots was truly the ice cream of the future they would not have run out of vanilla cc ‪@Nationals,” he tweeted on Sept. 7, 2015.

The press secretary responded to the letter around midnight suggesting “How about we do something great for the those who have served out [sic] nation & 1st responders.”

There has been no further word on whether Dippin’ Dots will serve those who have served.

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