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Prom’s Teegarden is a star on the rise

Aimee Teegarden is smart, beautiful and good natured, but she doesn’t have a date for the dance she’s organizing in Prom. While that irony sinks in, consider how smart she is in real life. After five years on Friday Night Lights, the 21- year-old is producing her own projects.

“I’ve had amazing opportunities,” Teegarden said. “I’ve seen what everyone’s job entailed and jumped at the idea of creating my own work from now on. Finding projects and scripts to get them up and running excites me.”

Prom follows high school seniors anxiously awaiting the end of school ritual.

“They get senior-itis, wondering if they’ll go to college or figure out whether to with their boyfriend or girlfriend,” she said. “It’s not glossy and sparkly and singing and dancing in the hallways.

“It’s a film that will be relatable 30 years from now, and it will always take people back to high school when everything was the biggest issue in the world.”

Teegarden and FNL cast mate Taylor Kitsch have a world of opportunities now that the show has ended. “Taylor Kitsch is off being Mr. Movie Star!,” Teegarden said. “But we do talk from time to time. He’s such a sweet, sweet guy.”

Like Kitsch, Teegarden is hitting her stride. “I went straight to Prom, then Scream 4 and Beautiful Wave,” she said. “I’m producing Beyond the Darkness for Dennis Quaid at the end of the year. I’m so very busy and so very lucky.” … And smart.

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