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Proposed bill would protect drivers who hit protestors


Protestors have become a common sight in the U.S. since the election, with many taking to the streets to express their views.

A newly proposed law in Tennesseeaims to address these continuing protests for the purpose of what its supporters are calling “public safety.”

The new bill says that ifa driver hits a protester, the protestor would not be able to sue the driver in civil court for any injuries, according to WTVC. This bill would not apply to those who purposely hit a protestor.

“We are not endorsing anyone running over a person with a car, whether it is protesters or anyone else. If someone intentionally harms a person, they are going to be charged with a crime, period. There is a clear difference, however, between peacefully protesting and lawless rioters in the middle of a public roadway who jeopardize the safety of our families. This is a public safety bill that is meant to protect everyone’s right to peacefully protest and I look forward to seeing this commonsense legislation passed into law,”Rep. Matthew Hill (R–Jonesborough), who sponsored the bill, said in a statement.

The bill follows an incident in Nashville, where severalprotestors ended up on the hood of an SUV.

“Five or six protesters were on the hood of an SUV,” Nashville Police Capt. Greg Blair told The Tennessean. “The driver drove about 100 feet to a TigerMart (gas station).”

The Tennessean also reports that other states are targeting protestors who impede traffic, even billing them for the cost of law enforcement or threatening them with prison time.

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