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Proposed puppy ban upsets pet store owner

Ernest Ang says he feels targeted by the City of Richmond’s proposed bylaw that would ban pet stores from selling puppies and dogs.

“We don’t deal with puppy mills, we’re against (them),” said Ang. “So why did they target me?”

The ban isn’t meant to harm local businesses, said Coun. Ken Johnston. “It’s targeting puppy mills” both inside and outside the city’s jurisdiction.

Ang’s store, Pet Habitat, is one of only three Richmond stores that would be affected.

Another worry, said Ang, is if the municipality decides to prohibit the sale of any live animal at pet stores in the future.

“It’s so sad that (eventually) the children of Richmond may not have a place to go to interact with pets they want to own.”

Live animals are Pet Habitat’s main attraction, said Ang. The large pet-supply box stores have “taken away all the pet-supply business.”

The city voted to draft the bylaw Monday night. Councillors are expected to vote next week on giving it preliminary approval, followed by public consultation. Pet store owners would have until next spring to remove all dogs.

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