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Prospect Park Zoo welcomes world’s smallest fox species

Blink and you may miss the newest additions to the Prospect ParkZoo.

Two fennec foxes have made their public debut at the Brooklyn animal facility. Both males, the creatures came from the neighboring Bronx Zoo, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society, which oversees both places.

Fennecs are the world’s smallest species of fox, and are the first ones to be exhibited at the Prospect Park Zoo.

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The nocturnal animals only weigh on average less than four pounds and have a body length that ranges from 9 to 16 inches when they reach adulthood.

Their ears, however, are long when compared to the rest of their body, and can be up to six inches long. They help in hearing prey and regulating body temperature by dispersing heat.

Fennec foxes are native to the deserts of northern Africa, but to find them at the Prospect Park Zoo visit its Hall of Animals, where they join saki and titi monkeys, dwarf mongooses, and various frogs and reptiles.

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