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Protect your child’s heart

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently created new guidelines to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease starting from childhood, including the following recommendations.

Ages 2 and up: Your doctor should measure your child’s height, weight and body mass index at every checkup. Have the doctor go over the results with you and, if necessary, explain what diet and activity changes could benefit your child.

Ages 3 and up: Your child’s blood pressure should be measured yearly. As with BMI, ask your doctor to discuss the results with you.

Ages 9 to 11: A first cholesterol screening is recommended. Your child may need his or her cholesterol checked sooner if he or she has a parent whose total cholesterol is 240 or over or a close relative who has had a heart attack or stroke before the age of 55 (in males) or 65 (in females).

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