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Protester claims she was punched at Olympics rally

An anti-Olympics protester alleges she was punched in the eye by an Olympics supporter at Langara College on Thursday afternoon.

Elizabeth McIntyre, a second-year arts and science student at Langara, was one of the roughly 20 people rallying against the school’s support of the Games. During a ceremony in front of the campus library, she became engaged in a heated war of words with another woman in the crowd.

“This girl singled me out and told me I had no right to be there,” said McIntyre. “I let her know that there was no reason I couldn’t be there, and that really made her mad.”

After some more yelling, McIntyre poured some of her water over the woman’s head, prompting the woman to allegedly strike McIntyre on the left eye.

Emma Gregory, another one of the protesters, said the rally was non-violent and the attack on her friend was uncalled for.

“We were chanting and we had some signs but that was all,” Gregory said. “We did not provoke that.”

Chris Gordon, Langara Students’ Union spokesperson, is urging the college to investigate and punish whoever is responsible.

None of the Olympics supporters involved wanted to comment.

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