Protesters end pipeline demo - Metro US

Protesters end pipeline demo

Greenpeace members ended their protest at Enbridge’s downtown Vancouver headquarters on Thursday when two remaining activists walked out of a bolted-down van.

Greenpeace B.C. director Stephanie Goodwin and fellow activist Brian Beaudry spent 24 hours in the vehicle to protest plans for a pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat, B.C.

Earlier that day, four protesters who had chained themselves to the doors of Enbridge’s office were arrested.

“Success for us is judged on whether our message has gotten through, not whether or not we’ve come out completely unscathed,” Goodwin said.

On Monday, an Enbridge pipeline burst in Michigan, spilling three-million litres of oil.

Greenpeace said a similar spill could happen in B.C. if the proposed pipeline is built.

Enbridge spokesperson Alan Roth said the activists are poorly informed.

“This new pipeline will go above and beyond other marine-safety programs in the world,” Roth said.

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