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Protesters mill around an emptier Zuccotti Park

Zuccotti Park is a lot lonelier than it was two days ago.

The park, formerly filled with throngs of protesters in tents around separate library, kitchen and info sections, is now an empty plaza filled with more rain-soaked leaves than people.

About 100 protesters milled around the plaza today, filtering in and out of the barricades set up around the perimeter.

Some of the occupation’s belongings were back, like books from the library and a dog, but protesters are no longer allowed to bring tents or sleeping bags.

Yesterday’s early-morning raid did not dissuade Amanda Tallini.

After joining the protest in September, the 24-year-old quit her job as a preschool teacher to protest full time. The night of the raid, she said, “I hung out as long as I could until they pushed everyone out.”

Seeing the stripped park was kind of a shock, she said. “I’m still taking it in.”

Today, Tallini said she’s moving out of her Clinton Hill apartment to live with family members. She is also hoping to rent an RV so she and other protesters can visit and support Occupy protests around the nation – maybe California or New Orleans.

“We want to go to other places for the winter,” she told Metro.

Meanwhile, Mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly kept plans to oust the occupiers secret from even Community Affairs officers on the scene.

His reasons included an attack on an emergency worker to health conditions at the park, including a reported outbreak of scabies and lice.

More pictures of the park today:

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