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Provence Delices can’t keep up the momentum

Provence Delices
12 Amelia Street


Rating: ***
Dinner & drinks for two: $60

It’s been here for 30 years, our server tells us, but I’ve never heard of it.

Weird, because it’s a damn cute place — an old house with a closed-in porch, complete with cream painted walls, mismatched chairs and two fireplaces. It feels like a cozy B&B, but with a Southern France bistro air to it.

We begin with Soup of the Day ($7), Du Puy Lentil Salad ($8) and Carpaccio of Seabream ($12).

The carrot soup is silky and delicate, yet completely satisfying. The carpaccio — a thin translucent, transcendent delight — completely stuns us. And the salad is a shock at first — crunchy lentils. But combined with walnuts and a spritely dressing, it works.

We are swooning and can’t wait for our mains.

But the wait is long. So long, that by the time our Authentic Choucroute Garnie ($17) and
Mustard Flank Steak, Shallots and Frites ($18), we are less than dazzled and just pick at our food. The Choucroute, an Alastian classic comprised of pork, sausages and cabbage, is suitable, while the steak disappoints — sinewy chewiness colludes with an overindulgence of mustard.

My sincere hope is that when you go, you will be wowed from beginning to end.

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