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Province failing Aboriginal children

B.C. is failing to meet the protection needs of its Aboriginal children, who are six times more likely to be in government care than non-Aboriginals, the province’s auditor general reported yesterday.

John Doyle said Aboriginal children account for 51 per cent of the kids in government care, despite comprising only eight per cent of the population.

He said the number in care in B.C. is “considerably higher” than the national average of 30 to 40 per cent.

Of the 24 agencies delegated to deliver full child protection services, only eight have qualified. Doyle said the qualification process is proving too difficult for smaller organizations.

Among the 10 recommendations is that the province determine whether a transfer of full child protection to agencies is still viable.
If it isn’t, he concludes, the ministry needs to change its delivery approach to meet the needs of Aboriginal families.

Other recommendations include increasing the number of Aboriginal social workers and better monitoring.

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