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Province to go ahead with minimum wage increase

The minimum wage will go up 50 cents April 1, despite the recession.

Mark Parent, Labour and Workforce Development minister, asked the minimum wage review committee to take an extra look at the annual increases given the current economic turmoil.

The committee made up of two employers and two employees recommended annual increases go ahead, with the next one due on April 1. The minimum wage will increase to $8.60 an hour from from $8.10.

Parent also asked the committee to examine tip differentials for employees in the the restaurant and bar industry who work for a lower minimum wage, but the committee couldn’t come to a consensus.

“Steadily increasing the minimum wage is the right thing to do for working families and individuals who are trying to build a career and contribute to society,” said Parent in a statement.

Nova Scotia has the fourth lowest minimum wage in Canada, behind New Brunswick, B.C., and P.E.I.

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