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Provincial Greens roll out their election platform

The Green Party unveiled its provincial platform Friday for only the second time in the province’s history.

In the 2006 election the Greens received 2.3 per cent of the vote and had no candidates elected. So it’s not surprising they see their role more as advocating for change than taking a real run at leading the province.

“We’re looking to raise the level of dialogue in this election,” said Nova Scotia Green Party leader Ryan Watson. “And to the next government, we’re looking to make that government the best possible that it can be for Nova Scotia.”

The Green platform centres on moving towards renewable energy, conservation and using the Genuine Progress Index to rate the province instead of GDP growth.

However, the party did not have any predictions of what any of their promises would cost, although Watson did say all of their promises are realistic and the platform was a vision of where the province needs to go.

He also criticized the other parties’ environmental platforms for having a lack of vision.

“I’m just not really seeing them,” he said. “What I’m not seeing is an understanding that this is urgent. We have got to work for our planet and we’ve got to work for our economy right now.”

The party plans to field a full slate of 52 candidates in the June 9 election.

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