PSA: Boston is crawling with Pokemon – Metro US

PSA: Boston is crawling with Pokemon

Pokemon Go, that mildly dangerous augmented reality game that’s proven to be beneficial in finding both dead bodies and cheating boyfriends, has seemingly taken over the the world — but no place quite as much as Boston. According to a Google map documenting the found Pokemon of Boston, you all need to calm down.

The map, named “Gotta Chatch’em All,” (which honestly, isn’t that what they’re all called?) was pointed out by a writer at Polygon who says: “The map already contains more than 500 spots where certain Pokémon are confirmed to have been caught, and users can filter Pokémon by rarity. There are also markers for rumored sightings and high-traffic lures.” They also note: This game has been available for about a week.

If you’re wondering what that means: This is your Boston, Boston.

So you’re left asking: How can this help me cheat?

Well, let us help you. Here are some of the highest density locations* to help get your Pokefix.

1. Around the reflecting pool at the Christian Science Center in Back Bay

Because it’s damn relaxing and if you were a Staryu on the run, you’d find it a chill place to be, too.

2. Boston Common and the Public Garden

Cool kids know thisa no-fail location if you’re jonrsing for a Pokefix.

3. Around Boston University

You nerds.

4. Around Harvard University


5. By the Harvard Ave. T stop

The green line is the worst; they’re probably still trapped there.

*Subject to change because I assume Pokemon are nomadic.