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PSA: You can now pick up pints of avocado ice cream from the store

First there was banana ice cream, or nice cream, the cruelty-free frozen dessert that took over your Instagram feeds. Avocado ice cream quickly took its place, thanks in large part to Tom Brady, who loves the dairy-free dessert. (You can even access the QB’s recipe here.) But now one company is making it even easier to get in on the vegan trend by putting pints packed with the cado goodness in stores near you.

After all, when a sweet tooth craving hits for ice cream, do you really want to whip up your own or just peel the lid back and dive into a pint? We thought so. But it’s not just vegans who will dig this delicious spin on the summer favorite that replaces cream with silky avocado. Here’s what you need to know about the dessert that just might make milk lovers indulge dairy-free.

What’s in avocado ice cream, and who’s making it?

The brand behind the newest pint in the freezer aisle is Cado, which technically calls its dessert “avocado frozen dessert” instead of avocado ice cream since it’s dairy-free. Their pints, which come in three flavors, boast pureed avocado as the primary ingredient, followed by avocado oil, cane sugar and tapioca starch for texture.

You won’t find much protein in each pint, so it’s not going to convert you if you swear by Halo Top for your sweet tooth fix — but it’s a good option for those who want to go organic and like eating non-GMO when possible. The three drool-inducing flavors are Deep Dark Chocolate (say no more, we’re sold!), Simply Lemon (which gets its flavor from lemon juice and lemon oil) and Mint Chocolate Chip (sign us up).

cado avocado ice cream

Where can I buy avocado ice cream?

Even though we’re only now seeing it on Instagram accounts that follow snacks in major stores, like @snackbetch, Cado is available across the country. In New York City alone we could find 13 stores that keep it stocked. How is that possible? It looks like Whole Foods picked it up.

So make sure to give the frozen section in your nearest Whole Foods a second look-through to see if you can find pints of this avocado ice cream, or hunt for it before you head out with Cado’s store locator tool. There’s even an option for requesting Cado avocado ice cream to be stocked in a store near you if one doesn’t yet exist.

Did we mention they offer coupons? If you go through the Cado site, you can get a coupon for $1 off your next pint of avocado ice cream.

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