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Psychics weigh in: Who is the Gilgo Beach killer?

Mary Rose, a Babylon-based psychic with 25 years of police profiling experience, believes that the Gilgo Beach serial killer is living among us, hiding in plain sight.

“He commutes on the Long Island Rail Road. He has hazel or light-colored eyes. He’s very charming but hates his mother with a passion. It’s possible that his mother is a petite woman,” Rose told Metro.

“He has anger management issues and a cocaine problem. Not a good combination,” she continued. “It’s very possible that he was high on cocaine when the killings occurred. He could be a strangler. I see women’s necks. He goes for the jugular.”

On Jan. 24, the three remaining women’s bodies found on Gilgo Beach last December were positively identified by Long Island authorities, bringing the total number of corpses found and named to four. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer determined that the case has all the marks of a serial killer.

“This guy is very clever. It’s like a game to him,” said Dawn Joly, a psychic from Smithtown. “He’s outgoing, but I get a chemical imbalance.

“First, he connects with his victims sexually,” Joly added. “I feel a white car and a wooded area. I see a Jones Beach connection. He travels around but he is from New York. I believe he is on Long Island.”

“He’s hostile and does not respect women. He has serious mommy issues,” said J. Pelligrino, a seer from Huntington. “I believe he’s gone. This case has gotten too much attention. He’s hiding out in a place with a heavy population.”

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