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Puck drops for hockey history

Hockey fans and players aren’t the only ones showing off their love of the game in Halifax this week. Board members of Hockeyland — a proposed heritage centre — are also in the city drumming up support for the game.

“There is no suitable venue that celebrates the heritage of ice hockey, which is one of the most significant cultural contributions that Canada has given the world,” said board member Ralston MacDonnell.

Proposed for Windsor, N.S., the $20 million project would see the construction of a more than 3,700 square metre centre which would trace the sport from ponds to arenas.

The board plans to open the facility in 2010, with an estimate 75,000 to 150,000 visitors passing through annual.

“Hockey in Canada goes far beyond the game,” said board chair Wayne Russell. He is also in Halifax to help raise awareness — and money —to take the project into the design and construction phase.

“It’s really become and integral part of our culture, but I think more than that, it is a game that very much defines us as Canadians.”

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