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Pumpkin spice hair and nails are a thing this fall

@lechandeliersalon, left; @twi_star, right

Every fall, once the temperatures begin to drop and the movie selection slowly begins to improve, we become inundated with pumpkin-themed everything. There’s the infamous pumpkin spice latte. There are pumpkin-flavored soaps, pumpkin-scented candles, pumpkin breads, pumpkin beers… anything you can eat, drink, sniff or slather on yourselfgets that spicy-sweet makeover.

And Pinterest? Let’s call itPumpkin-terest.Home decor even gets an autumnal makeover, because who can forget:it’s decorative gourd season, motherf-ckers.It’sthe seasonal signifier of basic bitches everywhere. And then of course there are the think pieces defending it.

We’re already exhausted (and a little bit hungry) just from summarizing it! This was all to say that it shouldn’t be surprising that pumpkinification has creeped into the world of cosmetics. Pumpkin spice hair and pumpkin spice latte manicuresare now fall trends.

All you have to do is search #pumpkinspicehair on Instagram and you’ll find plenty of orange and auburn-streaked hair selfies.

Basically (pun intended), “pumpkin spice hair” is a catchall for the whole spectrum of orange and red hues that hair can take on. We’d argue the following looks more like a sunset than a Starbucks drink:

Perfect fall color and cut by: @kellymccormickhair #balayage #pumpkinspicehair #fallhair

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This one definitely looks classically pumpkin, color-wise, and pretty elegant. Jessica Chastain vibes?

@studiomehair @christinekhazzaka killing it #loveyourhair #fallintoautumn #pumpkinspicehair

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And this look is very fall foliage.

As for pumpkin spice manicures, anybody can paint their nails orange and call it a day, but for next level s—t, no one takes the pumpkin-flavored cake like Instagram user @twi_star, a nail artist whoused actual pumpkin spice to create “100% real pumpkin pie spice latte nails.” Whoa.

?THIS PUMPKIN SPICE TRIED TO MURDER ME!? Full “tutorial” link in my bio ? Because let’s take it too far! You know those people that just can’t stop about pumpkin spice? This is dedicated to them LOL As you can hear I almost died when I accidentally inhaled ??pumpkin spice ? … Slight exaggeration. If you want to watch some good ol silly fun click the link in my bio for morrreeeee pumpkin spice latte for your fingers! – ‼️‼️‼️A lot of you are missing the joke, this “mani” is to point out how silly the whole pumpkin spice thing has become… Ya know, sarcasm? – The orange polish is It’s A Piazza Cake from @opi_products use code ⭐️TWISTAR⭐️ for 15% off @hbbeautybar! – Song ? Not For Nothing by Otis McDonald ????????????? #PumpkinSpiceLatte #PumpkinSpice #FallNails #FallNailArt #Starbucks #Fall #OPI

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What do you think? Will you let pumpkin literally go to your head (and fingers) this season?

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