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Put down the credit card and get crafty

The overcrowded malls have you in a bad mood? This year, “make the holidays a joyful part of your life instead of something you have to check off of a chore list,” says Tina Barseghian, author of “A Homemade Christmas.” Her advice? Roll up your sleeves and make a gift with your own two hands. Barseghian’s new book is stocked with crafty ideas so you can add personal touches to your tokens of appreciation. We really like these snowglobes; details are outlined below.

Make your own winter wonderland

1 Choose miniatures (e.g., houses, trees, deer, elves or Santa) made of plastic, rubber, glass or ceramic that can be purchased at a toy store, a specialty dollhouse shop or online.

2 Pick out a clear glass jar with a lid from your recycling bin.

3 Use a strong, waterproof glue to affix miniatures to the inside of the lid of the jar. The lid is going to act as the base of your snow globe.

4 Fill the jar with water and a good dose of glitter or fake snow, which can be purchased at a craft store. For an all-natural snow substitute, thoroughly clean and lightly crumble eggshells.

5 When the glue has dried on the jar lid with your miniatures securely attached, carefully place the lid onto the top of the jar and screw it on tightly.

6 Glue around the edge of the lid to make sure it’s completely sealed from leaks.

7 Place your snow globe on your mantel or tabletop, and give it a shake whenever you want a little sparkle.

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