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Put your fear aside and take a risk

If you were young again, just starting out in life, would you change your actions? Would you do things differently?

I’ve heard people say they’d change their career, finish school, reconsider having/not having children, live some place new, save money, travel more and so on. The list is endless, however, commonalities run through it; people would take a risk they haven’t taken already.

Is there something you want to do, but haven’t started yet? Every day is a new beginning, bringing with it a world of possibilities. It’s time to put your fears aside, and focus on doing that thing you’ve always wanted to, the thing you wish you would have done earlier in life.

What about as a city, is there a risk we should have taken long ago that we can take now. Are we holding ourselves back because we think it’s too late to make a change? For instance, the upcoming vote by council on HRMbyDesign.

HRMbyDesign is a study of HRM that establishes a clear and compelling vision for development over the next 25 years. The plan takes into account the present and future needs of Haligonians, providing guide­lines everyone from developers to councillors can use as a blueprint to grow.

If we approve this direction, and take this risk, the amount of effort spent in development legal appeals could be redirected into making Halifax an increasingly dynamic city. One that provides people opportunities to live near where they work, reduce traffic congestion, and yet continues to preserve and protect heritage and conservation districts.

This is a great opportunity for HRM to put aside its fears and concerns of change, and take a risk to do something differently.

The hardest part in moving forward with something new is to find your focus. To be able to block out the naysayers and the obstacles that get in your way.

Just like anything in life, our intentions and goals are largely mind over matter, its focusing energy on what we want most. If there is a will, there is a way.

Spring makes us think about new beginnings, so use this as the springboard for taking your own risk. Make 2009 your year to start something you’ve always only wished you could have done earlier.

Christina Biluk is Director of Engagement for FUSION Halifax. Visit FUSIONHalifax.ca to find out how to get involved in shaping our city; theurbanscrawl@gmail.com.

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