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Quality Eats and Interboro launch the perfect beer to pair with that steak

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Haven’t quite discovered the perfect beer to pair with that medium-rare steak you always order from Quality Eats? Quality Branded — the company behind, you guessed it, Quality Eats, Quality Meats and Quality Italian — teamed up with Interboro Spirits and Ales to fix that exact problem. The resulting beer is called, of course, Quality Beer.

You won’t see much fuss about it online. Both brands are staying mum on social media about the launch, and you won’t find any press releases on either website. But thanks to a postcard in a package sent to the Metro office we can tell you what you need to know about Quality Beer and where to go to give it a try.

What does Quality Beer from Interboro and Quality Eats taste like?

The collaboration, which is the first restaurant partnership for Interboro, is a New York blend of Pilsner and American pale ale that sounds perfect through cutting through your unctuous entre at any of the Quality Branded eateries. You’ll find under the main sweet malty aroma of the brew notes of “minty grass and grapefruit peel.” But don’t think the malt will sit too heavy when paired with a porterhouse. The beer ends on a crisp dry finish with notes of herbal fruit to cut through the fattier (but delicious) bites.

Clocking in at a modest 5% ABV, Quality Beer is also a sessionable option for the hot summer months. The Upper East Side and Greenwich Village locations boast outdoor seating if you want to soak up the sun and sip a few brews at the same time. The beer was crafted specifically by Quality Branded’s Head Barman, Bryan Schneider, alongside Interboro to be approachable for all beer drinkers, so bring your friends.

quality beer from interboro and quality eats

Where you can find Quality Beer

Order the custom creation at any of Quality Branded’s “quality” locations: Quality Eats, Quality Meats and Quality Italian. (But remember that only two of three Quality Eats locations have outdoor seating if you plan on working on your tan.) Quality Beer will also be sold at Interboro Brewery if you feel like stocking up for the summer ahead — and judging by the past week, we all might need it.

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