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Quality, not quantity of Nova Scotia wine

Internationally renowned winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset is an excitable guy when it comes to vino. And he speaks about Nova Scotia’s burgeoning wine industry with the same enthusiasm as he does his own.

“I’ve heard a lot about the quality of wine in Nova Scotia,” he said yesterday morning.

“It’s a small region … but at the same time (it has) great quality products.”

Boisset was on hand yesterday morning with his partner Gina Gallo at a wine tasting hosted by the NSLC.

While Nova Scotia vineyards may be economic competitors, Boisset said he thinks any increase in the interest of wine is a good thing.

“I was born into (winemaking), because I saw it on every table,” said Boisset, who grew up in the French region of Burgundy.

“And this is how you get such a wine culture becoming such an integral part of a nation.”

In fact, Boisset believes Nova Scotians drinking more home-grown products could even improve his business.

“The Burgundians drink from Burgundy … I think it’s great,” he said, adding a diverse selection of available wines helps winemakers understand their own vintages.

“To summarize, I think wine is great.”

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