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Queen of multitasking brings car in for an oil change, comes out with a baby

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While you were working…

Oh, this? Nothing. Just walking atiger on a leash in Tijuana.

This kid was grounded for dabbing at his dad’s mock swearing in ceremony. (House Speaker Paul Ryan was quite befuddled.)

The bankrupt American Apparel LLC.looks appealing to other retail companies

… while Macy’sadjustsits profit forecast.

Technology is supposed to make lives easier, but not whenCES-goers descend on Las Vegas. Maybedriverless carsare the answer?

Umm… would this be considered “full service?” A Pennsylvaniawoman gave birth in an auto dealershipwhile her car got an oil change.

Another woman in Pennsylvaniafaces 53 chargesfor basically being a sore loser. She phoned the Pennsylvania Lottery HQ a bunch of times and made “obscene and violent threats.”

“La La land,” starring Ryan Gosling, is stillon top of awardslists.

Trump has taken on many, but Trump versus Trump? Two people in Virginaappeared to have a rock ‘em sock ‘em boutwhile wearing Donald Trump masks in a Lowes.

The train crash this morning on the LIRR in Brooklyn hasreignited the conversationabout the health of train operators.

A judgehalted the Texas regulation on the disposal of fetal tissueafter a spontaneous or elected abortion.

Repealing Obamacarewould cost New York state how much?

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