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Queens face slasher allegedly vandalizes victim’s car, leaves threatening note


Last month, Metro reported a disturbing story of a man, wearing a surgical mask and gloves, slashing the face of a teenage girl as she was walking to school in Queens.

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Now it appears the attacker has returned around three weeks later, to vandalize a car in front of the victim’s home and leave a threatening note.

Three tires on the 2014 black Lexus parked in front of the home were slashed, and the windows were glued, sources said. Eggs were also found broken on the car, which wasn’t occupied at the time,NBC reported on the incident, which happened Monday. The sources said surveillance video shows two men vandalizing the car and leaving. One man then returns a short time later to leave a letter on the windshield.

The threatening note left behind addressed another person who lives in the home with the victim of the attack.

“You [expletive] with the wrong person,” the writer allegedly threatened.

The note also contained an apology to the victim, who was reportedly not the intended target of the attack.

Below is surveilance footage of the alleged attacker.

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