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Quelle horreur! Brangelina letters go missing from French estate

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Well, this is awkward. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could see their most intimate secrets revealed if a collection of correspondence between the the two that went missing from their estate in France two years ago ever surfaces, according to the National Enquirer. Oh, and the whole thing is reportedly Pitt’s fault. “Brad went into a panic because he couldn’t find them. He’s terrified that they were lifted by someone who wants to publicly humiliate them,” a source says. The letters in question go up to 2013, when things weren’t going to great, apparently. “Late 2013 was the low point in their relationship,” the source explains. “Brad was open about how he worried Angie might fall for a woman again, and he even brought up her previous issues with drugs.”

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OK, two things: One, this “source” seems to know an awful lot about the contents of the missing letters, which is more than a little suspicious. And two, the main takeaway here is that Pitt and Jolie actually write letters to each other, which is ridiculously endearing. I be they even slip into casual French every now and then.

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