Quincy Police recover 2004 Red Sox World Series ring in drug raid - Metro US

Quincy Police recover 2004 Red Sox World Series ring in drug raid

Quincy Police hit a grandslam in a drug raid Tuesday, recovering a stolen Red Sox 2004 World Series ring along with the Oxycodone they were seeking.

Police said they were looking into illegal Oxycodone distribution in Quincy and zeroed in on Dennis Leclair of 97 Hall Place. Investigators set up surveillance around the home in hopes of finding the opportune moment to kick in the door with a search warrant.

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On Tuesday afternoon, they got their chance after watching what they say was a drug transaction between Leclair, James White of Quincy and George Green of Dorchester. At about 4:45 p.m., officers i found an unspecified amount of Oxycodone pills, a stolen 2004 World Series ring, police scanners, money counting machines and over $9,000 in cash.

The ring is said to have belonged to one of the team’s office employees, not a player.

According to a Boston Globe article from 2005, the Sox ordered 500 rings for players, coaches, management and employees. Police were not sure how much the ring might fetch on the market, legal or otherwise.

Dennis Leclair was charged with two counts of distribution of Class B subsequent offense (Oxycodone), possession with intent to distribute a Class B (Oxycodone) subsequent offense, conspiracy to violate the drug laws, and receiving stolen property worth upwards of $250.

James White was charged with possession w/intent to distribute Class B (Oxycodone), Conspiracy to violate the drug laws, a stop sign violation, and operating a motor vehicle after suspension

George Green was charged with possession of a Class B (Oxycodone) and conspiracy to violate the drug laws

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