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Quiz: Find the perfect summer camp for your kids

group of happy smiling children playing together Making new friends is just part of the fun of camp!
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Where will your child thrive the most? Give this quiz to him or her to fill out to help find the best fit.

1. Have you ever been to camp before?
a. Nope, this is my first time.
b. I’ve been to day camp before but not sleep-away camp.
c. Of course, I go every year.

2. Surprise – you get a snow day! How do you spend it?
a. Watching movies at home and playing in the snow with my family.
b. My friends and I get together to hang out.
c. I spend the whole day outside playing in the snow.

3. What are you’re general feelings about school?
a. It’s OK. I just wish it was shorter or only a couple days a week.
b. I actually like it, except when I get too much homework.
c. I’m so over it. School’s boring.

4. What do you like more, playing outside or playing inside?
a. I like both!
b. I’m more of an indoors kind of person.
c. I’d be outside all day if I could.

5. What’s your favorite movie?
a. “The LEGO Movie”
b. “The Chronicles of Narnia”
c. “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”

6. What’s your favorite app?
a. Candy Crush Saga
b. The Human Body
c. The Secret of Monkey Island

7. Have you ever been camping?
a. Nope.
b. Yeah, but I didn’t really like it.
c. Yeah, I love camping.

8. What’s your favorite song?
a. “Let it go,” from “Frozen”
b. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
c. “The Fox (What does the fox say?)”

9. Why do you want to go to camp?
a. To make new friends and play fun games.
b. To play fun games and make cool crafts.
c. To get to run around all day.

10. What do you want to bring your parents back from camp?
a. A drawing of me having a ton of fun with my new friends.
b. A really cool craft that I made just for them.
c. A picture of me doing something I’ve never done before.

Mostly A’s
You should head to traditional camp!
You’re a social butterfly and will have a blast at a camp where you get to do a bit of everything with your new friends -crafts, sports and even dancing! Every day will be completely different, so you’ll never be bored.

Mostly B’s
You should go to an art or academic camp!
Just because it may have the word “academic” doesn’t mean these camps are anything like school – they are way more fun! You’ll send your days at camp playing games and doing activities that focus on music, art and discovering new ideas. You’ll have so much to tell your mom and dad about!

Mostly C’s
You should go to a sports camp!
Since you love being active and playing outside, you’ll have most fun at a sports camp. If there’s one sport you really love, there’s a camp out there that will help you perfect your skills. And if you just love being active in general, there’s tons of camps out there that offer a little bit of everything. Ask your parents to help you find one!

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