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Quotes from leaked video of closed-door speech by Stephen Harper

Some quotes from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s behind-closed-doors speech last week to supporters, which was recorded on videotape and later distributed:

On winning a majority:

“Let me be clear about this: We need to win a majority in the next election campaign.

“I am not just saying that because we need a few more seats. We saw what happened last year. Do not be fooled for a moment. If we do not get a majority the Liberals, the NDP, and the Bloc Quebecois will combine and they will form a government. They will deny this until they’re blue in the face in an election campaign but I guarantee it: If we do not win a majority this country will have a Liberal government propped up by the socialists and the separatists…. This country cannot afford a government like that. If they force us to the polls, if they get together and force us to the polls, we have to teach them a lesson and get back there with a majority to make sure their little coalition never happens….

“And, friends, I believe that government is within reach.”

On leftists in public institutions, put there by his opponents:

“Imagine how many left-wing ideologues they would be putting in the courts, federal institutions, agencies, the Senate. I should say, how many more, they would be putting in.”

On the federal Court Challenges Program, which funded legal fights by women’s groups, gays, minority language groups, and the disabled before his government ended it:

“Instead of … subsidizing lawyers to bring forth court challenges by left-wing fringe groups, we have been bringing in laws to crack down on criminals and support victims in this country.”

On the federal long-gun registry, which the government has tried unsuccessfully to end:

“We are still trying to get rid of that registry. We have the NDP, the Liberals and the Bloc stopping us from even having a vote on that issue in the House of Commons. We need to get a mandate so we can get that thing passed and let law-abiding gun owners be respected in this country.”

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