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Raccoon spotted in Brooklyn MTA station

Subway riders in Brooklyn spotted a raccoon on the MTA Wednesday night.

The curious critter was caught on camera at the Nevins Street station in Fort Greene. Commuters shared images of the raccoon on social media, with one observer sharing a photo of the raccoon’s backside and a tweet that said, “@NYCTSubway yo there’s a whole ass raccoon at the platform Brooklyn bound at Nevins St. can you help him?” 

Twitter user @Oswaldthehedgie added another image of the animal, saying,“@NYCTSubway this is a better picture of the lil guy. I don’t wanna do him dirty with that last pic” 

MTA officials said they were aware of the raccoons’ presence. 

At this time, no one is sure where the raccoon came from or where it was going. Perhaps it was meeting up with pizza rat? Or maybe it was meeting up with its buddy in the West Village, where another raccoon was seen on Nov. 13.

Raccoon sightings have been a little more common than usual. On Nov. 16, the MTA tweeted that, “Brooklyn-bound L train service is resuming after a train’s brakes were activated at Broadway Junction. The culprit was determined to be a raccoon underneath the train.”  

It was reported by thecity.nyc that the furry bandits have caused issues in the subways at least 11 times this year. They also reported that last year in 2018, they only had five raccoon-related subway issues.

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