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Rachel Lindsay might have missed her own bachelorette party

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Did Rachel Lindsay from “The Bachelorette” miss her own engagement party? Maybe! But she seems pretty chill about it.

According to Us Weekly, “Bachelor” alums Raven Gates, Danielle Lombard, Jasmine Good, Sarah Vendal, Alexis Waters and yes, Astrid Loch — who maybe spilled the beans about Lindsay’s now-fiancee — celebrating the bride without the dang bride. “Bachelor” alums, I tell ya.

The intention was reportedly to celebrate Lindsay’s engagement, but once the “Bachelorette” star missed her flight, they decided to just whittle their trip to Punta Cana down to the important stuff: Taking lots and lots of Instagram pictures! Because a party’s not a party until you’ve gone mini golfing. And hung out on hammocks. And binged on champagne. And documented every moment in order to trick other people into thinking your life is very interesting.


Dumb & Dumber #soulmates

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As far as Lindsay, Loch told Entertainment Tonight that the 32-year-old can’t wait to introduce her friends to her new beau once the finale airs. And as Waters tells Us Weekly, Lindsay is so happy, it’s actually borderline terrifying. “She’s creepily happy. Every time I hang out with her she’s talking about him 24.7 … She’s in love.” Girl, I guess!

But also you guys? If Lindsay picks Bryan, like everyone thinks she did, I’m going to be so, mad. Do better, bb!


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