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Radiohead and claymation combine for ‘Burn the Witch’

Radiohead and claymation combine for ‘Burn the Witch’
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It would appear a new album is in the works for Radiohead. The band revealed a short clip of instrumentals and visuals via two posts on Instagram this week, featuring what fans speculate could be a new music video. The album would be band’s ninth studio release, and first since 2011’s “The King of Limbs.”

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The second claymation cartoon features masked and robed, sword-wielding people circling a woman tied to a tree — a potential nod to the phrase:”Sing a song of sixpence that goes / Burn the Witch / We know where you live,” whichcryptically appeared on promotional leaflets mailed out to U.K. fans and media earlier this week. Less menacingly, the first features a stop-motion bird chirping.

Today, we got the answer: a new dark fairy tale of a song, “Burn the Witch.”

The band’s digital footprint had been scrubbed from the Internet on Sunday — Thom Yorke’s Twitter account erased, the band’s Facebook and Twitter posts deleted. Some fans and outlets speculate it’s a nod to the band’s song “How to Disappear Completely,” track four from their fourth studio album “Kid A.” Spooky — maybe?

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Yorke is known for taking a viral approach to album launches — most notably handing out faux newspapers named“The Universal Sigh”to promote “King of Limbs” in London. The pre-“Lemonade” stunt followed the band’s other attention-grabbing album release tactics, includingthe pay-what-you-want release of “In Rainbows.”

The band also uploaded an unreleased track from last year’s Bond thriller, “Spectre,” to Soundcloud (Sam Smith performed and then took home an Oscar for the official theme) with a note alluding to new work:”It didn’t work out … but became something of our own which we love very much …. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you …”

All will presumably be revealed soon, as Radiohead are set to start their world tour later this month. Until then, we’ll keep watching Instagram.

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