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Ramping up the romance, frugal lovebird style

Valentine’s Day can often be expensive to celebrate, but frugal lovebirds shouldn’t have to feel left out — after all, it’s usually the thought that counts.

Instead of feeling compelled to drop a lot of money on the looming V-Day, why not ramp up the romance with a few low-cost options that show off how strong your feelings are rather than how big your wallet is?

Be early
Celebrating a day before will let you do just about anything you’d normally do on Valentine’s Day, but without paying the dreaded V-Day premium, and you won’t have to deal with swarms of couples batting eyes (or throwing drinks) at each other.

Take that moonlight cruise or check out that stage show you’ve been thinking about without having to pay double for it — and then have a great bouquet of flowers arrive on the actual day.

Face time for long distances
If you’re away from your loved one on V-Day, hooking up on a video chat can be a great way to reconnect and proclaim your love, as well as sending a video. YouTube is offering links to a string of cute, user-made Valentine’s videos, or you can take one yourself and send it directly to your sweetheart

“One of the really nice things about online video is it lets you feel connected to the people you fell closest to emotionally — even when you’re not close to them geographically,” said Google Canada spokesperson Tamara Micner.

Stay in
A lovingly prepared home-cooked meal can really impress your sweetheart for a fraction of the cost of a restaurant meal while being much more intimate and romantic.

Pick your own mood music, light some candles and deck out the table with rose petals and your favourite wine — it’s easy to enjoy something you already like. Google around for some recipe ideas or check out cookingnook.com for some great options.

Be creative
Meals happen all the time, but how often do you get to show off your touching, creative side? A thoughtful poem, song or portrait can be a great keepsake and a testament to your feelings.
Remember, keep the humour romantic and charming, and finish strong.

For those less creative types, you can buy a personalized Valentine’s Day song from sites like giftsongs.com — just plug in your loved one’s name and a few details like their eye colour, and so on, and let the professional singers do the rest, all for about $50.

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