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Randel Roache did the right thing: He dug out a Dorchester hydrant and saved lives!

Boston Police Department

He’s a hydrant hero!
The Boston Police Department is calling a Dorchester man a hero, all because he did what we should all be doing: Randel Roache dug out his neighborhood hydrant from a mound of snow.
His decision saved lives.
Here is the story posted on bpdnews.com:

He’s Not Calling Himself a Hero — But We Will.

It’s a classic example of a small, selfless act making an enormous difference.

As many of you already know, due to this year’s unprecedented snowfall, the Boston Fire Department asked community members to adopt one of the city’s 13,000 fire hydrants to keep clean during each snow storm.

Thankfully, Randel Roache heard the call to action and his decision to answer back certainly saved lives. At about 3:01 p.m., on Thursday, February 19, 2015, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) along with members of the Boston Fire Department responded to a call for a building fire in the area of 23 Abbot Street in Dorchester.

Fortunately for the members of the Boston Fire Department, when they arrived on scene, there was no need to shovel out the fire hydrant because – thanks to Randle Roache – it had already been shoveled out.

The building was quickly evacuated; the fire put out, and – most importantly – there were no reports of any serious injury among the 17 residents displaced by the fire.

One of our officers was so impressed by Mr. Roache’s kind and considerate act that he politely approached and asked him if he could take a picture of him standing next to the shoveled-out hydrant.

As you can see by the photo, Mr. Roache was more than happy to oblige. As the officer was leaving, he again thanked Mr. Roach for doing the right thing.

To which, Mr. Roache responded: “I always keep it clean.”

And for doing just that, we at the Boston Police Department say to Randle Roache: “Thanks for being a hero.”

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