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Rangers’ Hagelin gets three-game suspension

Rangers wing Carl Hagelin said yesterday he had apologized for a high elbow to the Senators’ Daniel Alfredsson, but that wasn’t enough to keep the young star in New York’s lineup for the next three games.

NHL discipline czar Brendan Shanahan laid down a three-game suspension on Hagelin yesterday evening, meaning he could be done for the season if the Rangers lose the next three.

“I sent him a text [Saturday] that said I’m sorry and I’m very regretful for what happened,” Hagelin said.

Hagelin caught Ottawa’s captain with an elbow to the head, laying him out and earning a penalty in the process, during Saturday’s heated affair.

Alfredsson struggled to his feet and skated off the ice, but did not return to the game.

Hagelin, a 23-year-old rookie, and Alfredsson are both Swedish and Hagelin said he looked up to the 39-year-old veteran. He said the blow to the head was not intentional.

“I never want to hurt anyone on the ice,” Hagelin said. “That’s not the type of player that I am. I’ve never had a major before.”

Alfredsson was listed as da-to-day after Saturday’s Ottawa victory, but no one on the club would release whether or not he had a concussion.

“I just hope he’s doing well and that he can play [tonight],” Hagelin said.

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