Rare Beanie Baby doll could fetch nearly $100K - Metro US

Rare Beanie Baby doll could fetch nearly $100K

Note: This is an example of a Beanie Babie being auctioned off at high price on Eb

Twenty-somethings around the world are either kicking themselves, or desperately searching through their attics with the recent news that Beanie Babies might be worth some money after all.

Well, at least one is.

A couple in England have discovered that their first edition Princess Diana Beanie Babie doll is worth about”£62,500″, which is roughly $93,406 American dollars, or about two years tuition at a private university.

The Daily Mail reports that the couple were at a flea market selling off toys/childhood memories when a Beanie Babie collector (likely one of the last) saw the bear and told them it was a rare first edition.

The couple reportedly “couldn’t believe it.”

Who could have guessed your childhood would be worth anything at all? No one.

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