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Rare ‘natural’ coffee set for sale at local roaster

Coffee lovers in Vancouver will soon get to sip a rare Ethiopian coffee that has sold for as high as $12 a cup in the United States.

Starting Monday, bags of the coffee (12 ounces) will be sold for $30 at 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters café (2152 Fourth Ave.) or through their wholesalers or website.

Barrett Jones, coffee taster at 49th Parallel, said the coffee’s scarcity is the reason for its high price.

The Kitsilano-based company is the only one roasting it in Canada.

“It’s sort of the baby of this region,” said Jones, winner of the 2009 and 2010 Canadian Cup Tasters Championship.

It’s also a “natural” coffee, meaning that little or no water is used to removed the coffee cherry from the bean.

Instead the fruit is dried on elevated beds, allowing the fruit to separate naturally.

“For a natural, this one is very clean. It tastes more like a washed coffee than your typical natural.

“The process can also impart a lot of very cool and interesting fruit flavours — red fruit, citrus. It’s high acidity, so it’s nice and bright.”

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