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Real-life meth distributor Walter White sentenced to 12 years in prison

walter white Walter White is also the name of the main character of “Breaking Bad,” who also was a meth distributor.
Walter White, a meth distributor, was sentenced to 12 years in prison, plus five years probation after his release. White was convicted of distributing methamphetamine earlier this year after Drug Enforcement Administration agents found four ounces of meth in White’s house after raiding his home.

But this Walter White, who is 53, does not live in Albuquerque and he’s no high school chemistry teacher, nor did he cook up his own meth. This Walter White is the real deal and is a Billings, Mont. resident. He pleaded guilty to narcotics distribution and firearms charges. He admitted to receiving up to two pounds of meth a week from a supplier. The Billings Gazette reports that White was responsible for selling 32 pounds of meth. The judge said, “He ended up getting shot by his son. Thirty two-and-a-half pounds of methamphetamine coupled with guns and violence is about as serious as you can get.”

White was forced to give up $15,291 in cash and two .22-caliber handguns, one of which he kept under his pillow to protect himself from “other individuals involved in drug trafficking who may intend to rob or shoot him.”

He also told authorities that he once bartered the drug for a gun. There are no further details as to whether or not White has as accomplice who wears beanies and likes to use the word “bitch.”

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