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Reap the health benefits of the golf effect

How can you not love a game that lets you burn calories while having fun in the great Canadian outdoors?

Swedish researchers found that playing four hours of golf while walking a course is comparable to a 45-minute fitness class.

And according to the Rose Center for Health and Sports Sciences in Denver, Colo., a golfer who walks 36 holes a week is burning nearly 3,000 calories.

Golf is also known to help lower harmful cholesterol levels, speed up your metabolism, improve bone health, reduce stress and even help ward off Alzheimer’s by stimulating blood circulation and improving neural pathway connections in older players.

Having trouble sleeping? Tiring yourself out while playing golf will help you fall asleep faster and remain in a deep sleep longer.

But perhaps the biggest boon of taking up golf will come from all the new friends you make. Social intercourse is known to increase endorphins, which in turn improves an individual’s mental outlook and feeling of well-being.

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