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Rebecca Ferguson provides Tom Cruise injury update, teases ‘Mission Impossible 6’ helicopter stunt

Rebecca Ferguson talks Tom Cruise
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Tom Cruise accentuated his action icon status earlier this summer when he broke his ankle during production on “Mission: Impossible 6.”

Cruise’s willingness to go full throttle during filming and put himself in these dangerous situations was much to the detriment of production on the blockbuster, though, as it had to be delayed for nine weeks. Ever the trooper, Cruise was actually able to return two weeks earlier than scheduled, though.

Around the time of Cruise’s return I spoke to Rebecca Ferguson about her latest film “The Snowman.” During our conversation I asked her for an update on his condition, and she immediately went into detail about just how super-human he is.

“I think it just started filming and Tom is back on track and jumping around. You know Tom. Tom recovers like no man has ever recovered before. He’s probably laying in bed and producing something and having meetings at the same time. He just doesn’t stop. ‘A broken foot? Sure it hinders you moving from A to B but it doesn’t hinder your creativity’.”

I then asked Ferguson what she could say about the sixth installment to the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, which will see her reprise her character of Ilsa Faust for a second time. But while she relayed the usual platitudes reserved for the franchise, she did also tease one mid-air stunt that immediately sounded exhilarating.

“It’s explosive, it’s exciting, there’s a new mission, and we are catching lots of bad guys. And there are incredible stunts in it. Tom might be flying a helicopter or two. And I might be stood around watching him.”

Despite Tom Cruise’s injury, “Mission: Impossible 6” is still scheduled for release on July 27, 2018. Meanwhile, you can check out Rebecca Ferguson’s latest big-screen antics in “The Snowman,” which is now in cinemas. 

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