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Rebecca Hall provides update on ‘Holmes and Watson,’ talks working with Will Ferrell and John C Reilly

Rebecca Hall talks Holmes & Watson

It’s a travesty that it has now been a decade since we last saw Will Ferrell and John C Reilly lead a comedy together.

All that pain will subside later this year, though, with the release of “Holmes and Watson,” which will reunite the pair for a third time after the success of 2005’s “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” and 2008’s “Step Brothers.”

John C Reilly will play the Dr Watson to Will Ferrell’s Sherlock Holmes, while Rebecca Hall is involved in the comedy, too.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to the British actress over the phone about her latest film “Permission. Right at the end of our conversation I asked her for an update on “Holmes & Watson,” and she was more than happy to oblige. But in doing so she might have also just revealed the very first joke from the film, too.

“Well, I play Grace Hart, who is an American doctor that comes to England and an autopsy specialist, which is ironic given that all the Americans are playing British people.”

Unfortunately, Rebecca Hall failed to reveal whether the other British actors in the film, which includes Kelly Macdonald, Ralph Fiennes, and Hugh Laurie, will also be adopting American accents in the film, too. Let’s hope so, though, because otherwise that’s just a waste of a solid gag. 

Hall didn’t stop there, though, as she predicted that “Holmes and Watson” will be “ridiculous” in the best possible way, which is exactly what we want from a Ferrell and Reilly film.

“I haven’t seen the film, so I am still slightly in the dark right now,” Hall admitted. “But it was extraordinarily funny and silly to make, so I can’t believe it won’t be the same to watch. I think it is going to be ridiculous really. In a good way.”

We’ll find out if that’s the case when “Holmes and Watson” is finally released on December 21. Pun very much intented. 

Those of you pining to see Rebecca Hall on screen long before then can do just that with “Permission,” which has just been released On Demand.

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