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Reclaiming their inner divas, one wig at a time

If drag queens are able to transform themselves into stunning figures of female sexuality, what can they do for straight women?

In RuPaul’s new show, “Drag U,” a host of “professors” — drag queens who are experts in sex appeal and sass — help women remember that “beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and languages,” says Jujubee, a series professor. “Beauty’s everywhere, baby.”

And these drag queens are determined to awaken their students’ inner diva. Contestants range from the overworked mom to the blue-collar tomboy, and the professors — many of whom were contestants on RuPaul’s hit drag queen competition, “Drag Race” — have just 48 hours to perform a miracle transformation involving an attitude adjustment, dance practice and plenty of wigs.

Without a doubt, the show has a humorous side — contestants are put through a “dragulator” machine that reveals a picture of their drag persona — but the impact of seeing these women reconnect with their strong, feminine sides may be the most memorable impression.

“This just opened my eyes to a lot of the sacrifices that women make,” says Lady Bunny, the show’s Dean of Drag. “Some of these women give up entire careers to make sure their kids are well-raised. I was reminded of how wonderful a woman’s nurturing spirit really is.”

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